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Friday, June 29, 2007

Kirsten Dunst's signature necklace designed by Jennifer Meyer

Jennifer Meyer jewelry worn by Kirsten Dunst in Spiderman 3
Jennifer Meyer has done it again! And in an even more stylish way, this time. Tobey Maguire's fiancée - after having the first spectacular appearance with Jennifer Aniston's necklace in the movie The Break-up, has designed the signature heart shaped necklace for Kirsten Dunst in the movie - what else? - Spiderman 3.

The 30 years old, luxury jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer has broadened the list of her celebrity customers once again. It's not new at all, though. Jennifer has been making jewelry since the age of six, and after a short break, she became professional, starting her own jewelry line back in 2004. For the last three years, she had a stunning list of celebrities, all for her design. The list, obviously includes Jennifer Aniston, but Courteney Cox, Lindsay Lohan, Kate Hudson, Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst, Mischa Barton, Ashley Olsen, Jennifer Garner, Jennie Garth, and Demi Moore also are a fan (and a customer) of her.

Jennifer Meyer's extensive Hollywood connections are partly resulted from her father, Ron Meyer, who is the president of Universal Studios, but she made her sparkling debut, when stylists picked the leaf-shaped necklace of her design to be weared by Jennifer Aniston in the 2006 movie, The Break-up.

And the news is that her heart-shaped 18k yellow gold necklace now sparkles on Kirsten Dunst's neck in the movie Spiderman 3.

By the way, Jennifer Meyer is engaged with Tobey Maguire since April, 2006. They have a daughter, Ruby Sweetheart Maguire, born November 10, 2006. Since the born of their daughter, Jennifer started adding rubies to her jewelry collections in honor of her. I guess you didn't know that, too...

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Brad Pitt tunes Ocean's 13 up with a BMW Hydrogen 7

Brad Pitt BMW Hydrogen 7 Ocean's 13
It's not as if Ocean's 13 hasn't been tuned up enough by itself, but Brad Pitt preferred to tune himself up even a bit more for the premiere of his new movie at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. And this time his choice was not Angelina - yes, yes, they are still together, but for the premiere night he chose a brand new BMW Hydrogen 7 as company, leaving all B-list actors with Priuses standing at the green light.

Brad's brand new BMW isn't a part of a lease contract yet, BMW spokesman Andreas Klugescheld told to Hydrogen Cars Now. According to Klugescheld, the luxury limousine was only a loaner for that particular evening.

Brad Pitt's spectacular entrance isn't the first and by far not the only promotion of an eco-friendly attitude coming from a Hollywood A-lister - and it actually isn't the first from Brad Pitt himself. Brad is currently featuring on the cover of Vanity Fair's special Africa edition - guest edited by Bono -, and is commonly associated with charity and humanitarian actions.

Most Hollywood actors don't push environmental activism as far as buying a BMW Hydrogen 7 luxury car (except for governator Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is known by his vision of California Hydrogen Highway). It's Toyota's Prius, that usually sets the standard for Hollywood to stand out for nature and against pollutant fossil fuels.

Brad Pitt now seems to have raised the bar a bit higher. But, honestly, coming from him this is anything but surprising, eh?

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Mobiado Luminoso - The First Luxury 3G Phone on the World

Mobiado Luminoso - The First Luxury 3G Phone
Mobiado's name might sound less familiar than Nokia's or Motorola's but it's mostly because of the fact that the canadian company makes phones that are a bit less common than the low-cost mass products of these giants. Mobiado, who originally made its name making wooden cell phones, now announces to launch the wirld's first 3G phone in the luxury segment, the Mobiado Luminoso.

As the name suggests, the design of the Luminoso is based heavily on light itself. The phone utilizes a dual illumination technique, that lights the keypad area both from beneath and from above through the buttons, resulting in a radically innovative look (not to mention that it also optimizes the illumination of the keypad).

The Mobiado Luminoso's frame is made of aircraft aluminium, to produce an extra strong, yet incredibly light body, the phone's annodized, ceramic coating makes it even scrach proof too.

The buttons are sapphire crystal and stainless steel, the camera window is sapphire crystal (come on, what else?!) and the front screen is coated with DiamondShield, that is told to be one of the most advanced coating available, with diamond like properties.

The phone has a WCDMA 2100 support and three band GSM coverage (900/1800/1900), and it is not locked to any particular network, so can be used with any GSM network operator. The two-megapixel digital camera also boasts a video camera feature, the phone supports microSD cards up to 2GBytes. It has built in stereo speakers, Bluetooth and infrared port, obviously, and a music player supporting MP3, MP4, eAAC+ and AAC file formats.

Although the phone was unveiled in Canada, it is currently available only in Australia, directly from the company. The price is a shy 1800 USD.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Amy Winehouse's luxury honeymoon

Amy Winehouse spending honeymoon at Camp Kerala
How could a singer, known by her extravagant style and chronic alcohol and drug affairs (not to mention her uniquely astonishing voice...) celebrate her wedding? She obviously gets to a summer festival, performs three thrilling sets for a cheering crowd, and splashes an awful lot of money to rent a luxury tent to get in the mood.

Amy Winehouse, after marriing Blake Fielder-Civil, went to the world famous Glastonbury Festival, and did exactly as supposed. Her $6000 tepee must have been worth it. The campground, which is outside the festival grounds, at Camp Kerala, boasts to be the "most romantic place outside India".

Camp Kerala has 50 plush tents, equipped with 13ft by 13ft giant beds, showers, lava lamps, rugs, antique furniture, handmade mirrors, scented candles and, obviously, fresh flowers. The area - as an escape shortcut from the land of the fairy tales - has also got its own heliport.

"I'm a lucky girl. I am really happy right now." - Amy said a few days after her wedding. Being happy is a relative thing, though. Amy reportedly lost her temper last Friday, right after performing her acoustic set, an accused a girl of flirting with Blake. She allegedly flew into a jealous rage at the backstage bar, and screamed: "Leave my husband alone. He is married!"

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Sex will sell luxury yachts too

Ferretti Custom Line luxury yacht
Suprising it may be, but sex appeal sells everything. I mean, really everything. At least that's what Italian luxury yacht maker Ferretti aims for in their latest TV ad.

In their new tv-spot, Ferretti makes an interesting choice: let's forget the deep blues of the sky and the seas, and focus on something that might be even more attractive for middle aged billionaires. What about young girls?

The three minutes long black and white film grabs the mood of a luxury yacht by showing very little of the boat itself. What really is in focus here is the lifestyle that a multi million dollar private yacht suggests. It is like living in a penthouse apartment, that is always floating somewhere in the Caribbean. Any complaints?

No, not any. Not from me at least.

The commercials, by the way celebrate the release of three new ships, the Riva, Itama and Custom Line. But, come on, if you are really interested in the models, you won't decide based on a TV-spot, will you. Go, and check them with your local yacht dealer!

Watch the new Ferretti TV-Spot!

via Trendhunter

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Asia Luxury Travel Market - 2007

Asia Luxury Travel Market took place in Ritz-Carlton in Shanghai
Last weekend, in the Portman Ritz-Carlton of the Chinese city of Shanghai, the leading figures of the asian luxury travel sector introduced themselves at the Asia Luxury Travel Market 2007. The event - the first of its kind - took place in order to discuss the factors that will drive the industry forward in the region.

The exhibition and market featured top names from some of Asia's most successful hotel and resort companies, including Mandarin Oriental Group's Mark Hobson, and Six Senses founder Sonu Shivdasani.

The focus of the discussions were why the Asian region remains associated with the luxury sector for the rest of the world. Dubai, that is the non plus ultra of the world's idea of high-end luxury, not surprisingly has had an amazingly strong presence at the market. The Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing and 17 other co-participants represented the Emirate's booming toursim industry.

Unlike most other trade shows, the Asia Luxury Travel Market took place in a highly exclusive environment in which buyers and sellers were able to meet on a unique pre-arranged appointment system.

Asia Luxury Travel Market is the sister event of the highly successful International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM), now in its 5th year, which brings many of the world’s top buyers and sellers of luxury travel together every December in the picturesque city of Cannes, in the heart of the French Riviera.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Salma Hayek wearing Colette Jewelry

Salma Hayek wearing Colette Jewelry
Colette Jewelry, one of Latin America's most celebrated luxury jewelers has opened its first, US flagship store, on Melrose Place, Los Angeles.

At the grand opening party, a very pregnant Salma Hayek was spotted, in a shiny bright mood - altough without her mate at her side.

Colette Steckel is one of Mexico's most renowned jewelry designer, that holds favorite jewelries of Salma Hayek, Jessica Alba and Roselyn Sanchez. She is famous of handcrafting each piece to give them a special, signature look. The signature of her design is her unique and creative technique, transforming the earth's natural stone flavors into exclusive, unique and magnificent jewelry pieces.

Colette currently has her own workshop in Downtown Mexico City, where she has been working for the past 15 years. She attributes her creative inspiration to Mexican pre-Hispanic images and culture as well as to her studies of French art and graphic design. She sais, the focus of her work is always on the natural light of stones, and bringing multiple natural hues to light, that have rarely been exposed before.

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